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Mike the Boilerman - Independent Gledhill Pulsacoil repair specialist, covering everywhere within driving distance of Hungerford, Berkshire

Call or text me on: 07866 766364

Mike the Boilerman - Pulsacoil repair specialist, covering every-where within driving distance of hungerford, Berkshire. 

Contact me:

The quickest way to reach me is to call or text my mobile, 07866 766364.

Home/office phone number 01672 871563

Email miketheboilerman@gmail.com

For more discussion of central heating and thermal stores, see my main website miketheboilerman.com

Call or text me: 

07866 766364

My most popular Pulsacoil video - re-setting a tripped thermostat

My most popular Pulsacoil video: How to re-set a tripped overheat thermostat on your Pulsacoil:

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