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First of all, thanks for visiting.

I'm Mike Bryant, also known as Mike the Boilerman. I've built this site specifically to help owners of Gledhill PulsaCoil thermal stores and/or their plumbers identify faults and fix them.

Gledhill PulsaCoil water heaters are 'thermal stores', which work in a significantly different way from ordinary hot water cylinders and water heaters. Different enough to to mystify many heating engineers when it comes to fixing them, it seems. Pulsacoils are not particularly difficult to understand but they look intimidating, and without background knowledge many heating engineers understandably struggle to diagnose faults and repair them efficiently.

 I've created this site with the two objectives.

1) To assist owners and repair engineers understand Gledhill PulsaCoils better and the the faults that sometimes occur. There are several versions of the PulsaCoil. Here are pages covering the four most common:

PulsaCoil III
PulsaCoil 2000
PulsaCoil A-Class

For more information on your particular Pulsacoil, follow the links above.

2) To promote my own PulsaCoil repair service, naturally! If you live within driving distance of Reading, then please contact me. Click here for details.

 I'll drive anywhere but much of my work is in Berkshire, north Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and west London. If you are further away then by all means try me. Travelling costs will be higher but if you are happy with that then I'm happy to do the travelling! 

If my pages of common PulsaCoil faults and their symptoms and remedies don't help, I'm happy to give advice to anyone wanting it via my Gledhill Repairs discussion forum (it's here) or by email. Gledhill themselves also offer telephone technical support during normal office hours but it's expensive. 60p per minute to be precise. Their technical helpline number is 0906 611 0005.

For my sites covering repairs to other Gledhill heaters and boilers see www.gledhill-repairs.co.uk 

Once again, thanks for visiting.

Mike Bryant, AKA Mike the Boilerman. 



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