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Mike the Boilerman - Independent Gledhill Pulsacoil repair specialist, covering everywhere within driving distance of Hungerford, Berkshire

Call or text me on: 07866 766364

Mike the Boilerman - Pulsacoil repair specialist, covering every-where within driving distance of hungerford, Berkshire. 

Gledhill Pulsacoil discussion forum:

I host a discussion forum for Pulsacoils (and Gledhill products in general). Traffic has reduced to nothing recently but virtually every imaginable pulsacoil fault has been discussed there in detail over the years. 

The board is here. Pulsacoil discussion forum.

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Call or text me: 

07866 766364

My most popular Pulsacoil video - re-setting a tripped thermostat

My most popular Pulsacoil video: How to re-set a tripped overheat thermostat on your Pulsacoil:

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